Dual Inspiration Exhibition

July 16th 2018 - October 1st 2018

“Interacting with other cultures and times enriches human creativity, in all its forms and contexts, with different experiences refining each other. This ‘experimentalism’ leads over the years to an ongoing renewal of creative discourse, and also to a way of developing the themes, tools and interpretation of artworks. Across the ages, this interactions the main catalyst for creativity among artists who inspired and drew inspirations from others. Without this exchange, creativity would have been limited, never reaching the heights that it has.

This exhibition explores the ideas that revolve around inspiration as a platform through which 18 artists experiment in relation to the creative process. Over a nine month residency program, artists, curators and researchers engaged in rich debates that helped to inspire a diverse assemblage of artistic approaches through which ideas emerged, starting from their inception through to their final form as artworks. The final identity of the exhibition was formed according to these juxtapositions and similarities among artists, as well as their exchange of ideas, methodologies and visions.”

Dr Bahaa Abudaya


Below is a few snap shots of my artwork ‘The Populace’


‘The Populace’ 

2017 - 2018

Ceramics, fur fabric, cotton wool, wire mesh and wire wool.

3m x 3m