A.J Greaves Illustrations

A.J Greaves Illustrations is another entity of my artistic career. Alexandra Oddie is my maiden name and I have been established since leaving university in 2011 in developing and experimenting sculptural forms. I have been an Art teacher since 2013 and always had an interest in experimental methods when it comes to drawing skills. I really enjoy teaching non-traditional ways to draw and using different tools to do so. After teaching this one day I did some drawings myself at home and went with it ever since. I started drawing icons, celebrities and musicians mainly using my left hand or continuous line. I started to get requests for personal photographs and then recently this year (2019) I started doing greetings cards. Up until now I have been selling through my instagram account @ajgreavesillustrations and through friends and word of mouth.

Below I will add my original art work for sale which will be available on this platform from the end of June 2019. For the time being follow me on Instagram and you can buy works or make requests on that platform.